App Obscures Your Raunchy, Drunken Hedonistic Facebook Pics

So you’ve finally realized that your Facebook photos sometimes make it harder to find a job. There’s good news! A new app called (secretly, get it?) allows you obscure all of your drunken party pics.

Basically, the app allows users to apply a filter to their photos uploaded to Facebook that turns each pic into an unrecognizable mess of pixels. SocialNewsDaily reports that user then have an option to choose who to share unfiltered images with and who should see the encrypted pics.

So if someone doesn’t have permission to see your spring break photos, they’ll just see pixels.

Another feature offered by allows users to set a time period for each photo. After an arbitrary time period has lapsed, the photo is deleted from Facebook.

One caveat is that you do need to stay logged in to the app in order for it to work. If you forget to log into the system, the pixels will disappear and everyone will be able to see your photos.

There’s also nothing stopping your friends from screencapping or saving your photos, reposting them, and tagging you, so that’s another thing to watch out for.

Also, it’s possible that pixelated images will be a dead giveaway to employers (or grandma) that you’ve been up to some naughty. Just as much as a potential employer can pass you over for blatant hedonism paraded on your social network handles, they’re also free to draw their own conclusions about what might be in your pixelated pics and still not offer you the job.

Still, if you’re interested, you can get from the app store if you’re an iPhone 3GS or later model user.

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