Nurse Offers Mobile Breast Feeding For Gay Male Couples

A young French mother who also happens to be a nurse is offering her breast feeding services to gay male couples for $130 per day.

The female, whose identity has not been revealed posted,a classifieds notice on a French website. In the ad, she offered her services only to gay male couples with a youngster at home.

The nurse posted her message just weeks after officials in France passed a divisive same-sex marriage law.

Owners of the website quickly vetted the ad to see if it was real and legal. The advertisement reads:

“I am a young mother in perfect health, a trained nurse of 29, and I am renting my breasts to milk-feed infants.”

The offer, which is targeted at gay male couples who can marry legally in France, promises up to 10 breast feeds per day.

The female says she is mobile and located near Paris.

Alexandre Woog, chief executive of the e-loue website tells MSN that his staff contacted the person and “had no doubt about her identity and the seriousness of the proposal, nor the legality of the service proposed.”

While it is illegal to sell maternal milk in France, the woman is not selling her milk out of flasks and is instead “providing a service” for couples in need.

While France allows for gay marriage it does not permit surrogacy or assisted reproduction for gay and lesbian couples.

A big applause to the e-loue website, which has kept the woman’s identity a close guarded secret despite various requests from the media.

E-loue was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing services online. Users can post their skills and request help from others.

The site’s past triumphs? One user attempted to rent out their two goats as living lawnmowers.

Are you surprised by the nurse’s breast feeding offer for gay male couples?

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