Michael Jackson videogame to come with free glove

But not just any glove, naturally. No, that glove. Michael Jackson’s single sparkly mitt was one of the many iconic things about the late singer, and now YOU can own your OWN Jackson glove. Yay?

There’s a catch, though. First of all, you’ll have to buy the forthcoming dance game Michael Jackson: The Experience. Not only that, but you’ll need to buy the Wii version. And NOT ONLY THAT, but you’ll have to buy it fast – these things will only be in launch units of the game. It doesn’t cost anything on top of the normal version of the game; you just need to buy it early.

Aaaaalso, developer and publisher Ubisoft has updated the tracklist for the game, which now includes ‘Dirty Diana’. Here are the songs we know about so far:

– Bad
– Beat It
– Billie Jean
– Black or White
– Dirty Diana
– Earth Song
– Ghost
– Rock with You
– Smooth Criminal
– Speed Demon
– The Girl Is Mine
– They Don’t Care About Us
– Thriller
– Who Is It
– Workin’ Day and Night

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[Via press release]