Reality Steve ‘Bachelorette 2013’ Fake Spoilers Peeve Off Internet

What’s worse than Reality Steve’s Bachelorette 2013 spoilers? According to social media, it’s reality TV spoilers that aren’t even true.

There was no last-minute return from Brooks on Monday night during the Bachelorette 2013 finale. It just didn’t happen, despite Reality Steve’s well-publicized claim that it would.

Check out this audio from The Bachelor to hear Reality Steve double-down on the fake spoiler after Brooks had already left the show.

For a full report on the Bachelorette 2013 finale where 27-year-old Desiree Hartsock picked Chris Siegfried, click right here.

But the short version is that Brooks’ abrupt departure gave Desiree the opportunity to see what she had in front of her all along. Or so she said.


In fact, Hartsock was so excited that she interrupted Siegfied’s proposal to tell him that Drew was already gone.

And Reality Steve’s Bachelorette 2013 predictions left him with egg all over his face. So we’re seeing a lot of fan reaction like the following random samples from Twitter.

Wait. Is that a conspiracy theory I see?

Apparently Reality Steve’s fake spoilers are money in the bank. He boasted on his website that he was hitting record numbers of page views and emails as a result of the reaction to his completely wrong prediction.

Reality Steve’s Bachelorette 2013 pick was pretty worthless, but maybe he doesn’t much care.

Update: Reality Steve has opened up on his blog about the Bachelorette 2013 disaster. In short, he admitted that he was completely snookered by whoever fed him the untrue information:

“Bottom line is I was wrong. No crying, no whining, no trying to pretend it was something other than it wasn’t. For the first time in the last seven shows…I got the season ending spoiler wrong. Sucks, but what can I do? Move on…and get it right next time.”

From the sound of it, Reality Steve’s Bachelorette 2013 fake spoilers have left him as frustrated as the rest of us.

Chris and Desiree

[Chris and Des photo via Desiree Hartsock official Facebook page]

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