School Bus Fight Couldn’t Be Stopped, Driver Says He Did Everything In His Power

A recent school bus fight has drawn national attention after some people believed the driver of the bus didn’t do everything in his power to stop the beating.

Three teens in Pinellas Country were caught on tape as they senselessly beat a young boy on the bus.

Sixty-four-year-old driver John Moody yelled at the three 15-year-old boys as they beat a younger 13-year-old child. Moody then called police to report the attack.

Now Moody is speaking out about his call to police and what some people are calling inaction:

“Me jumping in the middle of that fight with three boys, it would have been more dangerous for other students on the bus for as myself. There’s just no telling what might have happened.”

The school bus fight occurred on July 9, and two weeks later Moody retired from his position.

While some critics have claimed that the man, nearly a senior citizen, should have jumped into a fight with much younger kids, prosecutors disagree. Moody will not charged with criminal negligence for his “inaction.”

The young boy who was beaten suffered a broken arm and two black eyes.

During his call to dispatch, Moody can be heard desperately pleading for help:

“You gotta get somebody here quick, quick, quick, quick. They’re about to beat this boy to death over here. Please get somebody here quick. They’re still doing it. There’s nothing I can do.”

The 13-year-old boy was being beaten for allegedly telling the school’s officials that one of the older boys attempted to sell him drugs.

Do you think the school bus fight could have been stopped with driver intervention, or was John Moody right to call in for help and wait for assistance?

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