Justin Bieber: Multiple Sources Deny He ‘Went Nuts’ As Security Accused Of Assault

Justin Bieber’s security team are being investigated by Southampton police after a fight blew up outside of South Pointe nightclub on Sunday morning (August 4.)

The “Baby” singer is not the target of the investigation and is not a suspect.

Accompanied by between 12 to 14 people, Bieber reportedly arrived at the Hamptons, New York club at about 2:42 am. Despite being underage, the teen star and his group were admitted to the V.I.P. section although both E! News and the Mirror report sources said “he was adamant about drinking water.”

There are varying reports on Bieber’s conduct in the club before the altercation took place.

Both TMZ and the New York Daily News report sources said a woman tried to speak to the singer and was denied. Both outlets claim a male friend of the female then got into a “heated exchange” with the 19-year-old pop star.

According to the Daily News, a source told them: “He [Bieber] ripped his shirt off and went nuts. He was screaming.” The gist of that was echoed by TMZ’s source report.

However, those accounts have been denied by the singer’s rep, a South Pointe club rep, as well as multiple witnesses who spoke to the New York Post, E! News, Yahoo omg!, and the Mirror.

The New York Post reports: A source told them: “Justin stayed about an hour but had a great time.”

“He was standing on a banquette dancing when his song came on. Girls were trying to flirt with him, but he played it cool.”

The Post added [Bieber was], “uncharacteristically on his best behavior.”

E! reports: “Fellow clubgoers offered to buy him champagne and drinks but Bieber refused and was very respectful while inside, hanging with his friends and flirting with several women, or as the insider put it, ‘trolling for chicks.'”

Yahoo omg! reports: ” Meanwhile, multiple witnesses tell omg! that Bieber did not ‘go nuts’ inside the venue and that Justin was ‘extremely well-mannered in the club.'”

The Mirror reports: [A source said]: “Justin arrived in the early hours and was given VIP treatment. He turned down generous offers of champagne and insisted on drinking water.”

A rep for the South Pointe club told the Post insisted Bieber did not rip off his shirt and did not “go nuts” at the club.

The singer’s rep confirmed: “Justin was not involved in any altercation.”

Southampton police and the club confirmed that to E! News that “there was no incident in the club or on the premises and the altercation took place off the premises.”

A spokesperson for the club told omg! that Bieber, his crew, and security, “enjoyed the venue and left at 03:20 am.” E!News reports a source said the singer asked permission from club management for two waitresses to join them.

Multiple outlets report things became hectic in the club parking lot as club-goers tried to take snaps of Bieber while he and his friends boarded their SUV to wait for the waitresses.

A South Pointe club rep told the Post: “Security was pushing people away … and that’s when the altercation happened.”

A full statement by the club’s management said:

“The police are currently investigating an incident that happened off premise and down the street from South Pointe in which Justin Bieber’s security confronted the individual after their car was struck with a rock after 4 am. The police have confirmed that there was no incident in the club or on the premises and the altercation took place off the premises. They have asked the South Pointe staff not to comment further as it is a police investigation.”

Video footage obtained from the night that is now online shows Bieber climbing out of the sunroof of his SUV at one point while his bodyguards were involved in the out-of-shot altercation.

However, E! News, the New York Post, Yahoo omg!, the club’s rep, the singer’s rep, and the Mirror have said Justin was not involved at all in the fight. This has reportedly been confirmed by security video and footage captured by witnesses.

A source told the Post:”Someone threw a rock at the car, Justin’s security stopped the car and beat him up. Justin stayed in the car and wasn’t involved.”

The upshot: An alleged male victim, who reportedly wanted to pick a fight with Bieber was roughed up and went to Peconic Bay Medical Center later on Sunday. He subsequently contacted police to file an assault claim.

A spokesperson for Southampton police confirmed:”The victim is pressing charges.” They added that the man’s injuries are “minor.”

However, no charges will be filed against Bieber and the complaint is centered on his bodyguards who were described by numerous witnesses as “heavy-handed” in their protection of the singer.

The Mirror reports sources close to the Canadian star say he is “disappointed ” the situation escalated.

Bieber took to Twitter on Monday to post two messages after initial claims emerged of his supposed involvement, one of which read:

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