Tiffani Thiessen Monday Buzz, SBTB Star Gets Social Media Love

tiffani thiessen 2013

Tiffani Thiessen is trending hard this morning, but those of you old enough to remember Saturday mornings with Saved By The Bell probably will always add the “Amber,” even if she dropped it nowadays.

It seems many 80s fans are finding Tiffani Thiessen on Twitter, where the star and on-screen love of the never-aging Zack Morris (played by the equally never-aging Mark-Paul Gosselaar) is currently followed by 221,000+ scrunchie-wearing, mall curls having, two-pairs-of-socks sporting Twitter users.

If you aren’t already, you can follow Tiffani Thiessen on @TAThiessen, where she shares with fans about her day to day life, manis and pedis, charitable ventures, and career updates.

According to her Twitter page, Thiessen recently participated in a Screen Actors Guild Foundation event, and the SBTB star posted:

“RSVP for NY Conversations screening of @WhiteCollarUSA followed by Q&A w/ Tiffani Thiessen 7/16 http://eepurl.com/Cj-eP @TAThiessen… Last night, the talented @TAThiessen reflects: You have to go where your career leads you. @NYIT_AOB #SAGF

When not Twitter-ing about work and family, Tiffani Thiessen also likes to use her verified status to boost the signal for charities and other social good endeavors.

Just this month, the actress best known as Kelly Kapowski tweeted:

The star also spared a tweet to big up her new Dell tab:

You can also check out tiffanithiessen.com to peep on more of the 80s queen’s comings and goings.

Have you been a Tiffani Thiessen fan since her Saved By The Bell Days, or did you relate more to Jessie or Lisa?