Paris Hilton ‘Surprised’ By Lil Wayne’s Intelligence

Lil Wayne Cash Money

Since Lil Wayne signed the singer to his label, it’s not altogether surprising that Paris Hilton has nothing but great things to say about the guy. However, the singer admitted that she was surprised by his level of intelligence.

Much to the surprise of just about everyone on the planet, the heiress and wannabe pop star found a new home at Cash Money. According to reports, the rapper seems to think her latest album is going to blow up around the world when it drops later this year.

During her chat with the folks at Star Magazine, Hilton discussed working with Lil Wayne, her new songs, and all of the business ventures she currently has lined up. If the album flops, then at least she has a backup plan.

“He’s so awesome. He’s so down to earth and chill and so talented. He can just write on the spot and come up with these amazing verses. The song that we did together is so incredible and I’m so happy about it,” she told the publication during her interview.

Judging from her comments about the guy, Hilton didn’t expect the rapper to have a brain capable of creating coherent thoughts and ideas.

“I was surprised at how intelligent he was and he was just such a gentleman. When you meet some people you don’t really know what to expect and with him, he was just such a kind person with a big heart and I really love him,” she said.

In addition to putting out a new album, Paris Hilton is also opening a hotel in the Philippines. This is reportedly in addition to the sixteen fragrances the heiress is currently juggling. There’s certainly no shortage of money-making schemes in this girl’s future.

Fans of Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton are probably quite thrilled that the two are working together. If you weren’t invited to Hilton’s birthday party back in February, then you can check out the rapper serenading the heiress with a song about the female anatomy. According to Vibe, the video recently surfaced online.

This clip contains an abundance of foul language, so viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Are you looking forward to Paris Hilton’s latest album?

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