Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Pick Fires Up Second Guessers

Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans are out in force to debate the choice of 55-year-old Scottish actor Peter Capaldi for the 12th doctor.

The long-running BBC One science fiction series about time-traveling Time Lord Doctor Who is fast approaching its 50th anniversary. Matt Smith, now 30, currently plays the 11th doctor.

The show in part can enjoy such longevity because the main character Doctor Who regenerates into new bodies over time. Smith is the youngest person to ever play the part.

The very first Doctor Who William Hartnell was 55 when he stepped into the part in 1963. In those days, he was a frankly older man.

The doctors who followed him tended to be in their younger middle age. For example, the wildly popular Fourth doctor Tom Baker was 40 when he stepped into the role in 1974.

There’s a certain amount of logical sense to the idea that a person would prefer to regenerate into a younger body as opposed to an older one.

But Matt Smith was still a huge break with tradition. A twentysomething Doctor Who rattled a few cages at the time.

Now, in an ironic twist, some fans are grumbling that 12th doctor Peter Capaldi is too old.

Here’s a sample anti-Capaldi Facebook comment from displeased fan Dua Ozbilenler: “Seriously? Somebody kill [show manager Simon] Moffatt please. He has done enough damage to the show already.”

Here’s a calmer comment on the theme from Twitter:

But other fans sprang to his defense. Some even said the pick would shake out the fake fans of Doctor Who.

Facebook poster Becka Barham noted: “For all of you that are whining just because he’s older and doesn’t fit your idea of a hunky doctor, get over yourself. Historically, the doctors haven’t been and aren’t meant to be just characters fan girls can lust over.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

So what’s your response to the Doctor Who Peter Capaldi pick?

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