Large Testicles May Lead To Heart Disease

Gregory Wakeman - Author

Aug. 4 2013, Updated 6:50 p.m. ET

Men with larger testicles run the risk of experiencing heart problems later in their life, according to researchers.

Individuals whose testicles are well endowed are also know to drink more heavily, have higher blood pressure, and be fatter, all of which also increase the chance of people getting heart disease. Other research has indicated that larger testicles are actually a sign of fertility.

Larger testicles are also a sign of poor health, and scientists now believe that this is the sign of heart disease. However, these results have been questioned as they were only amassed from a clinic for sexual dysfunction, and the findings have not been applied to a wider audience.

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This new study, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, was run by Giulia Rasterelli, who conducted it at the University of Florence’s sexual medicine and andrology unit.

She stated, “Although it is generally assumed that the testis size can predict reproductive fitness, our results indicate that this objective parameter can provide insights also on overall health and [cardiovascular disease] risk.”

Giulia continued, “Further studies are needed for clarifying determinants and mechanisms of testis enlargement that… could mediate the increased incidence of major adverse cardiovascular events.”

2,809 male patients who attended clinics that treated sexual problems were examined by scientists, who measured their testicles and took hormone samples from the individuals.

Over the next seven-years they then followed the health of 1,395 of the group, and it was revealed that those with bigger testicles suffered from various cardiovascular events.

The size of their testes were affected because these men had higher levels of a particular hormone that produces testosterone. Those in control of the research stated that this hormone, which is known as the luteinising hormone, affects the size of testicles.

However, previous studies have stated that men with larger testicles are actually in better health, and are more fertile, whilst the authors of this new study admitted that they were surprised by the link to poor health.


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