Cannabis Grown In Official Newport City Center Flower Pots

Cannabis Newport

Council employees from Newport, Wales, are investigating how cannabis was planted in official city center flower pots, which were designed to spruce up the area.

More than 20 cannabis plants were found in amongst other flowers in the pots, which included petunias and begonias, that were part of a new flower display from the city.

However, when police went to investigate the illegal weed they found that people had already taken the plants. They were openly growing on some of the city’s busiest streets, and were able to be picked by any pedestrian walking past. The council are now examining CCTV to find who took the planted cannabis.

Dean Beddis, a local businessman who made the discovery and works near to the flower pots in question, was left aghast by his finding as he had never seen the “beautiful” plant growing in the wild.

He added that he had become quite enamoured with the aesthetic of the plant because it stood out, but then added that they had now all been taken by unknown assailants.

A councillor for the city, Rhys Hutchings, who is also a member of the local rap group, Goldie Lookin Chain, who scored a number of hit singles around 2004, joked that he’s pretty sure British gardener Alan Titchmarsh didn’t steal the plant. He then remarked, “It’s either kids or the Newport underworld community.”

City council officials though are hotly pursuing the criminals, with a spokesperson adding that this is a serious issue before adamantly proclaiming that they are working in conjunction with the police to locate the culprits.

However, Gwent Police stated that now that the plants have disappeared their attempts to determine if they were actually illegal or not is almost impossible. They have also raised the possibility that they were originally planted in the pots deliberately by criminals.

[Image via Ljansempoi/Shutterstock]