Justin Bieber Shoves Fan’s iPhone Down His Pants

Justin Bieber introduced a fan’s iPhone to his penis on Tuesday night. The unraveling pop star was performing a concert when the fans iPhone ended up thrown on stage.

Instead of handing the iPhone to a security guard or just leaving it on the stage, Bieber put the smartphone down his pants.

Before shoving the iPhone down his pants, the Biebs joked: “I mean I do need a new iPhone.”

As expected, Bieber’s female fans freaked out and started streaming at the top of their lungs.

Before he shoved the iPhone down his pants, Justin Bieber did urge fans to avoid throwing objects onto the stage. Bieber told his almost solely female fanbase, “Can you please refrain from throwing things on stage, please and thank you.”

Bieber’s fans unfortunately didn’t stop throwing items on the stage, which led him to say:

“Refrain – do you know what refrain is? Don’t throw. Are you guys going to keep throwing things on stage or should I keep performing?”

It’s odd that Bieber’s fans would choose to throw iPhones and other pricey items on stage when we all know his weapon of choice is spit.

We are not sure if the fan got her iPhone back, but, if she did, our guess is that she will sleep with it at nights and probably call it her boyfriend.

Here’s a video of Justin Bieber shoving the fan’s iPhone down his pants:

Do you think Justin Bieber is out of control, or were his actions warranted based on his fans attacks?

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