Aaron Hernandez Body Count, Uncle Killed In Latest Crash

Aaron Hernandez is in jail, but the body count of his Bristol, Connecticut family and friends continues to rise. The latest to die is Robert Valentine, the former New England Patriots’ 49-year-old uncle.

Valentine crashed while driving a moped on Saturday morning without a helmet.

According to the Boston Herald, Valentine was found already dead around 1 AM. It looks as if he hit the curb and was thrown hard enough to smash his head on another curb.

A medical evac helicopter was called but wasn’t used because it was too late.

Connecticut news station WFSB said Valentine is a brother of Terri Hernandez, Aaron’s mother.

Although the uncle was a lifelong resident of Bristol who died in Bristol, it would be hard to tie this one to Aaron Hernandez or his Bristol known associates.

The accident is still under investigation. But we have no reason to believe it was anything but an accident.

In early July, Aaron Hernandez lost his 33-year-old cousin Thaddeus Singleton III. His Nissan Maxima suddenly shot 100 feet to hit a building some six feet off the ground.

That car was registered to Andres Valderrama, another uncle of Aaron Hernandez.

Singleton was a convicted drug felon, and the police had been seeking him for leads in the Odin Lloyd murder. However, Singleton died before they found him. If he had anything useful to say about Odin Lloyd, those leads died with him.

Aaron Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to killing Lloyd. He continues to say that he’s innocent and that he doesn’t belong to a gang.

This weekend a fan revealed a letter Hernandez wrote in jail: “God put me in this situation for a reason…’God’ has a plan for me and something good will come out of this.”

If he’s innocent, I have to admire his spirit. Aaron Hernandez is truly undergoing the trials of Job.

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