Green Coffee Diet? Katy Perry Slims Down For Vogue With Weight Loss Supplement

Does the Green coffee diet work? The weightoss supplement has been gaining steam ever since it was featured on Dr. Oz talk show and now it looks like Katy Perry is on the bandwagon.

Komo News is reporting that Perry used Green coffee bean extract to get in shape for her Vogue cover.

Perry hasn’t specifically mentioned the holistic weight loss supplement to the press but she did say that she went on a “cleanse” before stepping in front of the camera for Vogue.

Perry said: “I did a lot of my own prepping. I kind of went on a cleanse; I did a lot of stuff like vitamins and supplements. I didn’t drink alcohol for three months. I was really in the zone, I just wanted to be glowing for that cover.”

Green coffee bean extract can reportedly help people lose weight. There are no concrete studies to prove that the supplement works but Dr. Oz conducted his own study and found that women who used the supplement lost an extra pound per week.

Dr. Oz said: “The group that eats well with the green coffee bean extract lost an extra pound per week more… which doesn’t sound like a lot, but again, you’re not doing anything else.”

Dr. Oz also said that eating green bean coffee by itself won’t help you lose weight. You also have to eat right and exercise.

Do you think Katy Perry really used green coffee bean extract to slim down for her Vogue shoot?