Jennifer Rosoff Killed In Balcony Fall, Building Reportedly Not Up To Code

The balcony plunge death of Jennifer Rosoff, a 35-year-old former Cosmo editor, reflects a common fear New Yorkers often face — the safety and stability of structures amid many high-rise buildings.

After news of Rosoff’s death was reported, it was revealed the ad exec had been smoking during a first date when the balcony on which she’d been standing’s railing failed — and the young woman fell 17 stories to her death.

It was half past midnight Thursday at the Stonehenge 57 on East 57th Street near First Avenue when Jennifer Rosoff stepped out to smoke, and the horrifying accident came to pass.

According to several news sources, subsequent investigation revealed that the railing on Rosoff’s balcony was not up to code and posed a huge risk. And it isn’t just the recently deceased woman’s apartment, but all other balconies in the building are said to possibly be an accident waiting to happen.

Witness Dean Charny describes a chaotic scene after Rosoff fell off the balcony, saying:

“The boyfriend came running out of the building screaming, ‘Oh, my God, my friend fell! She fel.’ He was holding his face in his hands. He looked miserable.”

After Jennifer Rosoff’s death was said to be due to faulty railings at the Stonehenge, Richard Dansereau, managing director of Stonehenge Management, urged news outlets not to rush to judgment.

In a statement, he said:

“Understandably, there are a lot of questions and speculation regarding this terrible tragedy. The fact remains that there is an ongoing investigation into the matter and we are cooperating fully. At this time it would be inappropriate for us to make any definitive statement or respond to any specific inquiry that may be related to the investigation.”

The New York Post reports that after Jennifer Rosoff’s death, the building may be fined $1500.

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