Kings Island Roller Coaster Will Break World Records

The new Kings Island roller coaster is being billed as a “world record breaker.” We’re just not sure what records it plans on breaking.

Will it be the fastest? The tallest? Will it have the most loops? Kings Island hasn’t commented on the new roller coaster but a few details have already surfaced.

For one, the new ride is currently being identified as “the 2014 Project.” The CS Monitor reports that the amusement park’s parent company recently requested a trademark on the name “Banshee” for an amusement park ride.

The new ride will take over the spot previously held by the Son Of Beast. The ride opened in 2000 but it was shut down in 2009 after several injury reports. The Son of Beast was billed as the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the world but don’t expect the Kings Island Roller Coaster to shoot for those same records.

Jeremy Schoolfield, editor-in-chief of Funworld, believes that the new ride may go for something a little more unique like “steepest angle of descent.”

Schoofield said: “In recent years, we’ve seen all number of things, from where you put riders in relation to the track, what the track is able to do and the types of maneuvers the trains are able to make. Tallest, fastest and longest are some of the staples, but angle of descent – the first drop gets steeper – is something we’ve seen pushed in the past few years.”

Are you excited for the new Kings Island roller coaster? What world record do you think it will break? The amusement park plans on making an announcement about the new attraction on August 8.

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