‘Super Mario Bros. Crossover’ Gets Third Update, Developer Aims For Original Game

Super Mario Bros. Crossover is getting a third update as its developer is planning an original game.

You might think that Nintendo would have a problem with Jay Pavlina’s flash game that takes Super Mario Bros. and switches the main character for other video game characters. However, Nintendo doesn’t seem to mind as long as developer Exploding Rabbit doesn’t make any money doing so, meaning the fans win. Nintendo has been quite lenient with its fans in general, obviously knowing that if you let your fans have some fun and there is no harm in it, they will continue to side with you.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover takes the eight worlds of the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. and allows the player to reach the end goals using a wide variety of characters such as Simon Belmont of Castlevania, Samus Aran from Metroid, Link from The Legend Of Zelda, and Bass from Mega Man 10, just for starters. So far it’s only classic Nintendo and other video game characters available for the roster in Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

This update includes the rare Japan-only port of the game where Mario uses the hammer from Donkey Kong, as well as the April Fools joke with the classic Atari 2600 graphics skin. Two other level skins included in the update are the US Super Mario Bros. 2 skin (originally Doki Doki Panic in Japan) and Castlevania, no doubt giving the Castlevania fans the full package.

Aside from the third update to Super Mario Bros. Crossover, Exploding Rabbit has begun a Kickstarter campaign to fund a completely original project. Super Retro Squad aims to give nostalgia fans something that pushes many of the same buttons as Super Mario Bros. Crossover, and for $235,000, the seven person team can work full-time on the project and hopefully have something to sell. Super Retro Squad is being aimed for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Steam.

Would you be interested in helping the progress of Exploding Rabbit’s Super Retro Squad? What do you think of the third update to Super Mario Bros. Crossover?

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