Xbox One To Support Gameplay Capture Devices

Xbox One will support gameplay capture devices.

Microsoft can be accused of doing a lot of things wrong in this console war. They have flip-flopped on issues such as used game DRM, family sharing, and headphone support so many times that we never know what they’re actually going to do. However, Microsoft isn’t blind to the money making potential of YouTube and its gameplay videos usually falling under the title Let’s Play.

The Xbox One will fully support gameplay capture devices, so if you want to share your gameplay with the world, feel free to do so. We can only assume that with the Xbox One’s back-and-forth restrictive nature, Microsoft and its third-party publishers could end up doing what Nintendo did. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nintendo had started claiming video featuring their games, pulling all of the profits for themselves.

We won’t be surprised if Microsoft does the same thing in the end. With the backlash and ridicule from current front-runner PlayStation 4, the Xbox One might end up with the same reception as the Wii U and be forced to pull their profits elsewhere.

Using an HDMI cable, Microsoft plans to allow the Xbox One to supply footage through video capture devices and won’t use HDCP to stop gamers from doing so. HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, most likely popular in today’s Blu-Ray players to keep moviegoers from pirating films as they watch them.

Of course, the ability to record gameplay footage won’t stop third-party publishers (such as Ubisoft) from claiming game footage as their own, but that’s a risk most gamers take anyway. YouTube channel gamers should be plenty pleased to know that Microsoft is thinking of them with their next generation console.

There is no word yet on whether or not the PS4 will allow the same privilege, but, as we know from gaming news video hosts, there is always a way. It just might cost a little more.

Will the Xbox One’s support of gameplay capture devices sway your opinion of the Xbox One?