Rich Guy Wipes Face With 50 Euro Note But He’s Totally Saving Money [Video]

What does a rich guy wipe his face with when the cameras are rolling — and there’s a chance he’ll be caught on tape?

A hundred would be excessive. But a fifty might be all right.

Hit the button to see the footage for yourself. The new viral YouTube video was posted on Thursday. By early Saturday morning, it was already closing in on 200,000 views.

Apparently there’s a large appetite out there to see how a rich guy wipes his face. Ha.

According to the poster, the rich dude was at the Galway Races in Ireland. Now most folks might guess that there will be rain on that green and pleasant isle. But apparently this guy showed up for an outdoor event without a hanky or tissue.

So he selected the €50 note — a tad over $66 at today’s rate of exchange.

Some people are outraged at the waste. Other people are calling it a fake. Here’s a typical YouTube comment: “This guy is just being a troll,? showing off he has cash…what a sad individual.”

But I would like to offer an alternative theory. Don’t be a hater. This guy isn’t just some rich showboater. He’s got a heart, and he actually cares. See, he’s trying to be all frugal and save a few bucks and be a real man of the people while he’s out there at the track.

No, wait. Hear me out. I can prove to you that the dude’s totally saving money.

Do you fine folks know what a nice Hermès hankie costs these days? It’s fairly outrageous.

I just checked the Hermès USA website for some prices. A cotton men’s handkerchief starts at the low, low price of $135.

But my sharp-dressin’ buddy prefers the silk foulard from Versace. I just found some of those fancy silk hankies similar to the ones he owns at Versace UK for a trifling £165.

That’s over $250.

Suddenly the rich man wiping his face with a fifty looks like billionaire cheapskate Warren Buffett himself.

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