Marijuana Dispensary Robbed, By Two 12-Year-Olds

A marijuana dispensary robbed in Denver could be the work of a couple of 12-year-olds, authorities believe.

According to, the Good Meds Network is $16,000 worth of weed lighter thanks to the two youngsters.

Video images reveal two kids, estimated to be around the age of 12, rummaging through the Good Meds shop, one of close to 400 facilities in Denver, located close to 6th Avenue and Interstate 25.

The crime itself happened on July 21, but the suspects have yet to be apprehended, and unless they’re holding out for a dealer, we’re speculating the haul’s long gone by now.

Denver police have issued a Crime Stoppers alert, but have advised that media not broadcast or publish photos for the children’s safety, thinking two 12-year-olds sitting on $16k in pot would be an easy mark for violent drug dealers.

“Obviously we’re concerned here,” Denver Police spokesperson Sonny Jackson said. “We’re not sure what they’re going to do with it or who they’re going to contact. This is a situation where we want to find out where these kids are for their safety, as much as anything.”

Police said the marijuana dispensary robbed by the two children was apparently oblivious to their presence for the full 25 minutes they were inside, allowing them to easily make off with the booty.

In a bit of related news, the Denver Post reported that crime rates have slightly risen since medical marijuana dispensaries were installed, noting that nearly one-third of the crimes committed in Denver occur within 1,000 feet of a dispensary.

It certainly hasn’t been easy for medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the country with many caught between conflicting laws and targeted for raids by the federal government.

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That being said, the public seems almost completely behind legalization.

As for the marijuana dispensary robbed by the two 12-year-olds, the dispensary has not commented publicly as to how it could have happened so easily, but a woman claiming to be a media spokesperson said Good Meds was working on improving the security system.

So what say you, Inquisitr community? Should Good Meds bear part of the blame for the 12-year-olds’ heist?

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