Steamboat Geyser Erupts After 8 Years [Video]

The Steamboat geyser at Yellowstone National Park doesn’t erupt often but when it does it’s a pretty amazing sight.

Unlike Old Faithful, the Steamboat Geyser is often unpredictable. The geyser was dormant from 1911 to 1961 and then erupted 29 times in a single year.

Today’s eruption comes after nearly 8 years of quiet.

Yellowstone spokesman Dan Hottle said that the eruption shot up more than 200 feet. The geyser also released steam for nearly 24 hours after the eruption.

Hottle said that Park Rangers noticed that there was some activity at Steamboat when the electric sensors went off but they weren’t able to see it first hand. Only about 30 or 40 people were actually at the site to see the eruption.

Hottle said: “When it jumps up, we know we’ve had an eruption shoot up… We saw that jump and then some folks called that it happened. For us, it’s exciting. Every time you’re down there, you wonder if that’ll be the time that it erupts.”

The park ranger said that he expects some additional visitors to the site in the coming weeks to see if the geyser will erupt again. For now, however, we can relive the moment with this video.

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