Craig Ehlo Arrested, NBA Defender Infamous For Michael Jordan’s ‘The Shot’

Craig Ehlo

Craig Ehlo was arrested on burning and domestic violence charges in Spokane, Washington on Thursday. He’ll appear in a Spokane court on the charges sometime today.

According to The Spokesman-Review, Craig Ehlo was arrested at around 1 AM Thursday outside his home, where he was setting a large pile of clothes on fire. There was some slight damage done to the siding but the fire was apparently quickly contained.

When the fire department responded to the call, they found two family members trying to hold Ehlo down. The two men reportedly said they were trying to stop him from jumping into the fire. It all sounds very Amanda Bynes, but so far we don’t have a lot of details about what set Ehlo off.

Spokane County Sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Craig Chamberlain said that Ehlo was arrested on burning and domestic violence charges because he set fire to the house after a dispute with his wife.

The 51-year-old former NBA player is best known as the defender who allowed Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan to make The Shot that put the Bulls into the second round of the 1989 NBA playoffs.

In an interview with Cleveland Magazine in 2009, then 48-year-old Ehlo admitted that he heard about The Shot all the time but claimed not to mind.

Twitter can’t take anything seriously:

KXLY said that Ehlo will remain jailed until his court appearance today.

He retired from his assistant basketball coaching job at Eastern Washington University in July.

From the sound of it, there’s more to the Craig Ehlo arrest story than we’re getting so far.

[basketball photo by Bonita R. Cheshier via Shutterstock]