Taylor Swift Chips Tooth On Stage After Punching Herself In Face [Video]

Taylor Swift chipped a tooth whilst performing her song, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” at a concert in Pittsburgh.

The pop starlet made the revelation to Rolling Stone, stating that when she played in the city on July 6, as part of her “Red” world tour, she ferociously pulled the microphone up to her mouth which then ricocheted off her teeth, and chipped one in the process.

She told the publication, “Tonight I was particularly hung up on not chipping another tooth like the last show in Pittsburgh, definitely. It had a tip on [the tooth] and it doesn’t anymore.”

Swift went on to add, “I try to be really quick with the microphone, so I’m not standing there just waiting to sing with my mic right next to my face, so I really quickly pulled my mic up to sing and basically uppercut punched myself in the tooth.” Ouch, let’s hope she swiftly went to a dentist after the concert.

Taylor went on to admit that she didn’t bring her a-game to the performance as she was concerned with how silly she looked after the incident.

Ms Swift then tried to lay the blame for the accident at the thoughtful fans who create the plethora of banners and messages for her to read at her shows. Taylor admitted that she often gets distracted reading them all whilst she’s performing, which can then lead to tragedy.

Swift stated, “Sometimes I get really caught up in reading the signs, and if I get too caught up I will start to read the signs when I’m singing, so I have to make sure I’m only reading signs in musical breaks.” One sign in particular that caught her attention was a huge eight foot by eight foot poster of her cat’s face.

[Image via Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia]

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