NYC ‘mommy blogger’ sued for not honoring dental barter

A New York City mommy blogger is being sued over $45,000 worth of dental work provided in exchange for a promise to write a “puff piece” about the dentist and dental offices.

According to documents filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Lyss Stern of the Divalysscious Moms (yes, that’s really its name) parenting social network received the mind-boggling amount of dental services from the practice (the nature of the services was not revealed) but did not follow up with an article in December 2009, as agreed:

The suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court says the article – about the practice’s “beginnings in the forefront of the cosmetic dental revolution” – never appeared.

And the $44,900 bill to the self-proclaimed “dentists to the stars” remains unpaid, the suit says.

“Elyssa Stern, as editor in chief of the New York Observer magazine, agreed to publish a four-page article in the December 2009 issue of the magazine profiling the achievements and advancements in the industry of [Lowenberg & Litcuchy],” the suit says.

Neither Stern nor a lawyer for the dental practice Lowenberg & Lituchy have commented to press about the lawsuit.

[NYDN via Gawker]

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