Japan dreams of Super Mario in 3D

Chris Greenhough

... And frankly, who doesn't?

A recent survey in Japan has revealed the game series most Japanese gamers would like to try on a big-screen 3D television. 1,072 Japanese internet users - 68% female to 32% male - said they'd like to see a Mario game in 3D over any other title. Mario Kart and Final Fantasy were second and third in the list. Of course, we know for certain that a 3D Mario Kart game is on the way.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Dragon Quest RPG series, a sales juggernaut in Japan, didn't feature in the top 30 games picked - but Need for Speed did. Groan. Here's the full list:

1. Super Mario 2. Mario Kart 3. Final Fantasy 4. Resident Evil 5. The Legend of Zelda 6. Super Smash Bros. 7. "Musou" (i.e. Dynasty Warriors) 8. Monster Hunter 9. Street Fighter 10. Dragon Ball 11. Gran Turismo 12. Winning Eleven 13. Tekken 14. Metal Gear Solid 15. Tomb Raider 16. Ace Combat 17. Silent Hill 18. (tie) Virtua Fighter 19. (tie) Love Plus 20. Ridge Racer 21. F-Zero 22. The House of the Dead 23. StarFox 24. Siren 25. Medal of Honor 26. Call of Duty 27. Virtual-On 28. (tie) Need for Speed 29. (tie) Panzer Dragoon 30. Space Harrier