Chris Evans Making Directorial Debut With ‘1:30 Train’

Chris Evans Directing A Movie

Chris Evans is somehow finding time to squeeze in his directorial debut for the upcoming movie 1:30 Train.

The actor is currently working on two massive blockbusters: Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

According to Deadline, Evans will star and direct the film. The movie is based on a script by Ron Bass. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Bass won the Oscar for his classic movie Rain Man. Bass also worked on The Joy Luck Club and Entrapment.

According to ScreenCrush, the movie is similar to the Before Midnight Series in that it takes place over one night in New York City. The publication compares the movie to the 1945 film The Click.

If the actor’s interview with Ain’t It Cool is any indication, his work as a director will vary greatly to his comic book hero movies. When promoting the first Captain America movie, Evans revealed:

“I like Ed Zwick movies. I like LAST SAMURAI, you know? I liked LEGENDS OF THE FALL. I like movies that have a sweeping, epic feel. I like things that carry over a long period of time. I think the theme that I like is human connection, like AMERICAN BEAUTY or something – things that can be a really beautiful, grand visual or concept. I think, at its root, I like the relationship between a brother and a sister, or a mother and a father… it’s simple stuff.”

If Chris Evans‘ directorial debut can live up to his own expectations, it could be a movie to look forward to.

Shooting for 1:30 Train starts this fall.

Do you think Chris Evans can turn away from his comic book roots to make a critically acclaimed movie?