Tsunami warning after 7.5 magnitude quake hits Indonesia

A tsunami warning has been issued after a strong earthquake hit off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The USGS says the quake, the epicenter of which was 20 miles off the coast of the island, had a magnitude of 7.5. The location is the same place where a massive earthquake and tsunami struck in 2004. According to the Wall Street Journal, an ensuing tsunami isn’t likely to cause widespread devastation if it occurs:

A tsunami watch advised that waves were possible within a few hundred miles of the epicenter. However, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said historical data suggest any wave it created wouldn’t be destructive.

The quake, which was felt in Bengkulu and West Sumatra, struck at approximately 9:42 local time. No casualties or significant damage has been reported due to the tremblor. The area is prone to seismic activity and volcanic activity due to its location “on the Pacific Ring of Fire.”


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