Lumosity Will Train Your Brain With New iPad App

Lumosity is all set to train your brain with its brand new iPad app.

The company behind the popular mind builder is looking to expand its presence by offering up an all-new version of its software. Not only does the new iPad app feature a completely reconfigured user interface, it promises to make strengthening your noodle much more enjoyable.

CEO Kunal Sarkar described Lumosity as a gymnasium for your brain. The purpose of the new iPad app is to allow users to boost the power of their mind while they’re on the go.

“We’re committed to encouraging healthy habit formation and lifelong brain health, and mobile brain training is integral in helping us reach that goal,” Sarfar explained.

The Lumosity mobile apps are incredibly popular with users from around the globe. According to the company, the app reached the top spot in the education category in dozens of countries. At present, the software has been downloaded around 20 million times.

The iPad edition of Lumosity will tempt your brain with new artwork, sound effects, and a system designed to keep track of how well your mind is improving. You can also set daily reminders and keep track of how well you’re scoring.

Although the software itself is steeped in neuroscience, chances are you’ll never notice. The games themselves feel like the sort of stuff you’d probably be playing during your lunch break anyway. Instead of wasting your time, Lumosity is designed to help make your brain stronger.

Since launching in 2007, the software has amassed an impressive 40 games. This has certainly helped draw in nearly 45 million users and a ton of paying subscribers. The company claims that folks from approximately 180 countries are currently using a version of the software right now.

If you own an iPad and want to improve your mental abilities, then there’s no reason not to let Lumosity have its way with your brain. The new app is available for download right now.

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