‘Project Titan’: Blizzard To Take MMO In New Direction

Blizzard is taking Project Titan, its newest MMO game, in a new direction.

Project Titan has been the subject of overhauls at least twice since its inception. The first time, Blizzard had to take it back to the drawing board to prepare it for new technology, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. This could mean that the game may see the light of day on consoles as well, but either way, you can bet your keyboard that Blizzard knows what it’s doing with the upcoming PC title.

This second rethinking of Project Titan is due to Blizzard re-evaluating the new boom in free-to-play games such as Marvel Heroes and DC Universe Online, as well as the killer IP EVE Online. Blizzard has some serious competition out there in the free-to-play crowd, and as such, is attempting to once again retool Project Titan. Blizzard has stated that the game will probably not be among the subscription-based lot.

Nothing is known yet of what Project Titan will be about, but we can rest assured that anything Blizzard is planning will be a major success. After all, with World Of Warcraft still hanging on with a shrinking seven plus million subscribers, and the recent release and console ports being planned for Diablo III, not to mention the never-say-die attitude of the StarCraft II crowd, Blizzard has proven their aptitude with games everybody wants to play.

Speculation based on its name suggests something big in size, if not scope. Of course, with Blizzard at the helm, Project Titan could easily outdo everything they’ve done so far scope-wise, so we can’t rule that out. We could have a possible Pacific Rim style mech suit MMO to look forward to, or possibly something based on Greek mythology, but involving technology. Until the game’s inevitable reveal, which could still be quite a ways off, we can’t really know, but possible screens indicate it will involve soldiers with massive guns fighting robots.

'Project Titan' MMO may be free-to-play
‘Project Titan’ MMO may be free-to-play

What do you think Project Titan will be about? Can Blizzard pull another massive hit out of their long-delayed prospect?