Times Of India Article Offends Women Everywhere

A Times Of India lifestyle article entitled “Weird, funny facts about women” has been criticized across the globe because of its stereotypical and prehistoric notions about women.

The article, which featured an image eerily similar to the one above, was originally uploaded on Monday, but the backlash was so intense that by Wednesday they’d removed the story from their website.

They then tweeted the following explanation via their account, @timesofindia, “Based on feedback we have removed the story – Weird, funny facts about women – which many people found offensive.”

The Times Of India is the largest English-language newspaper in the world, and this despicable piece of journalism comes during a spell when the country’s reputation for women’s rights is at its lowest.

The article featured the following “facts” about women:

Women don’t bathe everyday: Not all women bathe everyday, no matter how much they profess cleanliness and hygiene. They rely on deodarants and perfumes to smell good.

Women eat a hell lot: When men are around, women act like they eat too little. But when left alone she can polish off a full pizza. Now, we know why women always talk about food and recipes.

The article also noted that women love television serials and soap opera despite the fact that we, presumably men, “know most of the TV serials look so stupid and funny.” The piece predicts that females simply watch them so that they can see “people worse off than them.”

It also remarks that “after sex women still love to be kissed” even though men feel tired and actually would rather sleep instead. It then warns, “for a great relationship, men should take note of this.”

As you would expect, journalists and any decent human being have reacted with outrage to the article, with the Wall Street Journal’s, Margherita Stancati stating, “This is actually the stupidest thing I have ever read.”

Are you offended by the article?

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