Greek Musician Blacks Up For Stevie Wonder Impression [Video]

A Greek musician blacked up and pretended to be blind for her appearance as Stevie Wonder on the popular television show, Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Mando was competing in the competition, which is similar to the plethora of talent shows that are dotted throughout American schedules, and decided that she would attempt to emulate the Motown legend with her performance.

However, to do so, she decided that she would dress up as the African-American star, which saw her cover her face and body in paint and then pretend to be blind as she walked down the stairs leading to her keyboard.

Your Face Sounds Familiar originally launched in Spain but has become a huge international franchise across the world, and has been launched in Argentina, Bulgaria, France, Italy, and China. It challenges celebrities to perform as famous musicians every week, which are chosen by the “Randomiser,” whilst the winner is then selected by the celebrity judges.

Mando, who is 47-years-old and has had five gold record throughout her career and was assigned the singer, began to belt out Wonder’s 1985 hit, “Part-Time Lover,” whilst attempting to look like the pop star.

Mando emerged from backstage with a fake mustache, blacked up face and hands, and she even pretended to be blind and asked for an assistant to help her down the steps.

The audience still applauded her efforts though, however the judges were clearly shocked by the lengths that the singer was prepared to go to in order to win the round.

Viewers even voted her the winner of that week’s contest, but as the clip has started to spread across the internet, social network users have started to voice their criticism of her outfit.

Twitter user, Jamie Cutteridge, stated that her performance was the “least acceptable thing ever,” whilst George Anderson remarked, “I’m picking my jaw off the floor.”

You can watch Mando’s version of Stevie Wonder’s, “Part-Time Lover,” above.

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