Simon Cowell Named In Friend’s Divorce Papers

Simon Cowell has been named in Andrew Silverman’s divorce papers after he knocked up his best friend’s wife. The wealthy real-estate developer recently learned that his wife Lauren is 10 weeks pregnant with Cowell’s baby.

A recent slew of reports have claimed that Andrew and Lauren were happily married until news of the marital affair broke. However, the divorce filing tells a different story in which the couple have “been unhappy in their marriage for some time.”

The divorce papers were filed two weeks ago and in the court filing Andrew lists adultery as a reason for the breakup. Andrew Silverman goes on to list the X Factor by name as a co-respondent.

With his name listed in court documents Simon Cowell could be called to the witness stand to discuss his relationship with the New York City socialite. Cowell could be forced to talk about the 36-year-old Lauren and may even be asked to reveal his finances.

The New York Post spoke with divorce attorney Martha Cohen Stine who explained why Simon Cowell might have been listed:

“It’s really a signal to the spouse who cheated that the wronged spouse is very angry and that it’s going to be a very nasty, scorched-earth, high-profile litigation.”

Before news of the extra-marital affair broke Simon Cowell and the Silvermans were often spotted vacationing together and spending time together at social events around the Los Angeles area.

While some sources claim that the couple were estranged before the British TV personality made his movie, the divorce papers tell a very different story.

We don’t know at this time if Andrew and Lauren had any pre-nuptial agreement in place that deals with extra-marital affairs.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are remaining quite about their illicit affair. Cowell was only recently spotted in public after weeks of hiding behind closed doors.