Dying 2-Year-Old To Be Best Man At Parents’ Wedding

Jeannette, PA — A 2-year-old dying from a rare terminal illness will serve as the best man at his parents’ wedding this weekend.

Sean Stevenson and Christine Swidorsky planned to get married next July, but decided to move the ceremony up so that their son, Logan, would be able to participate. Logan has Fanconi anemia, a disease that often results in cancer. He was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and clear cell carcinoma after doctors found a tumor on his one remaining kidney. Doctors gave the toddler two to three weeks to live.

“We got this all together with family and friends,” Swidorsky told KDKA. “All the help and donations from everybody, we thank you so much. There’s such kind people out there, you don’t even know who cares.”

Swidorsky also praised her son, saying that he she has “learned so much from Logan” and that he has made her a “better person.” She plans to carry her son down the aisle Saturday.

“He’s just an angel from heaven and I’m going to miss him,” she said.

Swidorsky’s 13-year-old daughter Isabella will serve as a bridesmaid, and the couple’s 1-year-old daughter Savannah will be the flower girl. About 120 guests are expected to attend the ceremony, which will serve as a celebration of Logan’s life.

The child’s aunt, Kellie Young, said, “For such a small person, he has touched thousands of people.” Logan’s story was published in Wednesday’s Tribune-Review, and donations immediately began pouring in.

“It was just a huge outpour just from the article,” Young said. Readers made offers for wedding-related services and gifts for Logan.

“Once everybody read it, it just completely took off today,” Swidorsky said. “I knew that there were nice people out there, but I never expected this response.”

Last weekend, a California woman who was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer was able to have her dream wedding after a wedding planner stepped in to help. Erica Ota enlisted the help of over 30 Southern California business who were willing to donate $50,000 for Jen Bulik to marry her boyfriend of six years, Jeff Lang, last Saturday. About 125 guests attended the ceremony.

What do you think of Sean Stevenson and Christine Swidorsky moving their wedding so that Logan could be their best man?

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