Ariel Castro’s Sentencing: New Details Emerge

Ariel Castro’s sentencing is scheduled today. New details have emerged in the twisted case in a memo filed by prosecutors. Castro plead guilty to more than 900 charges, including kidnapping and rape.

Castro’s plea spared him from a possible sentence of death. The Cleveland man is charged with the kidnap, restraint, torture, and rape of Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina DeJesus. The three women were held captive in Castro’s home for 11 years.

A neighbor approached Castro’s home on May 6, and realized the women were being held against their will. Authorities were contacted and the girls were set free.

Ariel Castro was eventually arrested and charged with hundreds of counts, including the murder of at least one unborn child. The plea deal avoids the death penalty, and spares the women from testifying before their captor.

As reported by NBC News, prosecutors filed a memorandum yesterday, which included new details about the case.

The memo explains that Castro kidnapped all three girls by luring them into his car. Knight was promised a ride — and a puppy. He offered DeJesus a ride home from school. Berry was offered a ride to his home hang out with his daughter.

When Castro arrived home with the women, they were restrained in chains. The women were brutally punished for attempting to escape.

In a diary, the women detail their restraint, torture, mental anguish, and repeated sexual abuse. Berry and Knight both became pregnant as a result of the sexual abuse.

Knight eventually miscarried after she was denied food and severely beaten.

Berry gave birth to a baby girl. Although she was not breathing at the time of her birth, Knight performed CPR, saving her life.

Ariel Castro often threatened the women with a gun. He told the women that if they attempted to leave he would shoot them.

As reported by USA Today, the women were punished with beatings, starvation, and being locked into the basement, attic, or garage.

Castro offered no remorse for his actions. However, he told the judge that he was sexually abused as a child and suffered from a pornography addiction.

Ariel Castro will be formally sentenced today. Judge Michael Russo is expected to confirm the plea agreement. The agreement suggests a sentence of 1,000 years in prison without the chance of parole.

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