Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston Celebrate Final ‘Breaking Bad’ Episodes, Warren Buffett Crashes Party

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are together this week in New York to promote the upcoming fifth season of their popular series Breaking Bad.

You probably already know that the hit AMC drama centers on a high school chemistry teacher who turns to selling meth to provide for his family when he finds out he has cancer. As they always say in the TV Guide, hilarity ensues.

According to Just Jared, on Monday Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston appeared at the Apple Store in SoHo to promote Breaking Bad’s fifth and final season. On Tuesday, they were joined by cast members Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, and Betsy Brandt at the Times Center.

Gossip Girl said that Wednesday night found Paul and Cranston at the AMC Celebration of Breaking Bad Final Episodes at Walter Reade Theater. Both men looked dapper in suit and tie — a far cry from some of their hazmat costumes donned for their roles as meth manufacturers.

Variety noted that a highlight of the Breaking Bad party on Wednesday came when Warren Buffett crashed it to give Aaron Paul a hug. Apparently even billionaires love the story of the troubled drug producers.

GG said that Cranston teased about the possible fate of Walter White’s family: “[W]hat if the thing he wanted the most, which was the togetherness of his family — what if he lived and they didn’t…Or maybe he should die. I vacillate on this.”

Sounds like the suspense is still mounting.

Oh, and if you need a refresher course on the previous four seasons of Breaking Bad, might I recommend to you the epic 9 Minute Breaking Bad summary video? Go ahead and check it out. You know you want to.

The Breaking Bad new season will premiere on August 11. I think we’re all looking forward to seeing how it turns out for Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston.

[Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston Hollywood Walk of Fame photo by Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]