Furby like Pygmy Tarsier Rediscovered

Pygmy Tarsiers, a furby like nocturnal primate native to central Sulawesi, Indonesia but not seen alive in 85 years, have been rediscovered.

Pygmy Tarsiers weighing 2 ounces (57 grams), have big eyes and are covered in dense coats of fur to protect themselves from a cool habitat.

Until now it was presumed that the Pygmy Tarsiers were extinct, with the last sighting in the wild dating back to 1921.In 2000, two Indonesian scientists reported they had accidentally trapped and killed a pygmy tarsier, but despite efforts following the discovery, none had been spotted alive in their native habitat, until now.

Three specimens of the pygmy tarsier were trapped and tracked this summer on Mount Rorekatimbo in Lore Lindu National Park in Central Sulawesi, according to Texas A&M University.

It’s great for science that they’ve been rediscovered, but just wait until the toy manufacturers get a look at the pics.

(image: MSNBC)

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