Jeremy Renner Offers $5,000 For Missing Dog

Jeremy Renner is currently using all of his leading action man savvy to try and track down his beloved French Bulldog, Hemi, who is missing.

The 1-year-old dog escaped from his Los Angeles home, which is located near Runyon Canyon, on July 19 and has now not been seen for close to two weeks.

The Bourne Legacy star’s dog managed to break away from his compound in a daring escape after Renner’s abode suffered a power failure which slid his front gate open.

Renner has now created a Facebook page, which is dedicated to Hemi’s safe return, and features various details on how to get in contact with the actor so that he can have his pooch back in his arms. Renner has also offered a $5,000 reward for the dog’s return, no questions asked.

When Hemi escaped from his home, he was wearing a collar, however he didn’t have his identification tags on, nor is he microchipped.

Renner’s dog weighs 25 pounds, possesses a black face but is tanned, and is “very friendly.” What makes Hemi’s plight more desperate is the fact that he suffers from a hip condition, which now means that he might be limping.

The actor immediately put up posters around his home and searched his neighborhood for the dog, whilst they are continuing to give out handbills to people in Runyon Canyon.

Making sure that he investigates every single avenue for his dog, Renner has even placed an advert on Craigslist and is repeatedly checking animal shelters for Hemi, whilst 4,000 homes were contacted by a robocall asking them to look out for him.

In March 2012, Renner’s previous dog, Franklin, an 8-month-old Frenchie, died of a heart attack which was brought on by overheating.

Renner updated the Facebook page recently, stating, “Everyone has been so wonderful in offering help and, in some cases, taking the initiative to just go out there and DO SOMETHING!”

[Image via s_bukley/Shutterstock]