Kate Middleton Is Breastfeeding Prince George, Report

Kate Middleton is reportedly breastfeeding a very hungry Prince George.

She was seen wearing a dress made especially for those new mothers who choose to breastfeed their young. The dress which sells for £50, is sold out online.

Photographers spotted her as she, husband William, and son George left Kensington Palace last Wednesday.

It was uncertain as to whether the Duchess of Cambridge would choose to feed the baby herself or opt for formula.

According to the British publication Mirror, a source close to the couple stated that it is safe to say the new born Prince has a healthy appetite.

The source also said that it was not a smooth start for the Duchess, as is normally the case with first time mothers.

In many instances it's just a matter of relaxing so the child can sense the calm and feed properly.

There are also issues with having the baby latch on properly, but that is something that is solved within the first day or two.

Kate Middleton has reportedly said that she believes the choice is personal to each new mom, but she chose to breastfeed her child, others might not depending on their situation.

The insider stated that with the help of the midwife mom and son caught up very quickly and from then on it has been smooth sailing.

Reportedly Kate finds breastfeeding her little one very relaxing and the Prince makes sure everyone knows when he is hungry. His father said, when leaving the hospital that he has strong lungs.

The most common problem with breastfeeding is that the only one who can do it is mom. There are some ways around that issue though.

Kate could use a pump to extract her milk and get some help during the night so she can catch some sleep. The best thing a new mom can do however, is nap when the baby naps.

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