Kitten Doused In Petrol And Set Alight Recovers And Now Has A New Home

A kitten that was covered in petrol and then alight in April, has made a full recovery and now has a new home and family.

Justin the kitten, who was five weeks old at the time of the attack, made a miraculous recovery, but did lose both of his ears. He only weighed one pound, and was the victim of both second and third degree burns to his head.

The feline was spotted by an eagle-eyed pedestrian who witnessed Justin covered in flames. He was then brought to a vet in New Jersey, USA.

Vets managed to keep the black and white moggy alive, and he was then brought to Animal Alliance charity. They then provided the cat with 24 hour care, which was overseen by specialist veterinarians.

Justin’s story was then uploaded to Facebook, where millions of users soon became enamoured with the kitty. The page, which was entitled, “Justin – The Burned Kitten,” featured the description, “Justin is a tiny 5 week old kitten who was a victim of monstrous abuse. He was found in Philly after being set on fire. He is now at Crown Veterinary Specialists and Emergency where he is receiving the most expert care.”

They then provided details for where to pay donations to help pay for Justin’s medical expenses. Justin has now garnered the attention of millions whilst various volunteers have assisted the cat as he has grown back to full strength.

Now, Melody Luke has decided to bring Justin the Kitten into her home, with Animal Alliance’s Kelly Vanasse, stating, “After Justin’s shocking ordeal he was brought to us in such a horrendous way. But after a lot of love and are he improved bit by bit and we took him home to help look after him. He was cared for by us – his original foster family – but it was time for him to find a new permanent family.”

[Image via Facebook]

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