Please Slow Drively Sign Confuses California Residents

If you ask the average driver to identify many of the road signs they don’t see on a regular basis, you are likely to receive some very funny answers. But what happens when a sign features an odd message that has never been displayed?

Residents in Auburn, California were recently treated to a sign that reads “Please Slow Drively” instead of “Please Drive Slowly.”

Some drivers have actually driven slower by the sign, but only so they could figure out if their brain read the sign wrong.

One resident in the area tells KTXL 40:

“I think they need to go to pre-school… Maybe they are pre-schoolers.”

In a few cases, drivers actually believe that the sign was misspelled on purpose. Those drivers believe that the sign was meant to grab a driver’s attention while forcing them to slow down for a second reading. One driver tells KTXL:

“I would keep on looking and I would keep on driving — slowly.”

I have to question if a misspelled sign would ever be used on purpose. Sure, it could force drivers to slow down; however it could also take their eyes off the road, causing a new type of danger to other drivers and pedestrians.

Funny signs make the internet rounds all the time, but typically they don’t show up on mass produced government sponsored signage.

Do you think the Please Slow Drively sign was created on purpose, or is the misspelled road sign just another example of a wasteful government mistake that featured no basic oversight?

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