HelloFlo’s Camp Gyno Ad: ‘Like Santa For Your Vagina!’ [Video]

Have you seen HelloFlo’s Camp Gyno ad shared on Facebook or Twitter, introducing the new feminine products delivery service?

HelloFlo’s Camp Gyno clip has gone understandably viral, due to the adorable tween speaking frankly about all matters relating to menstruation and the challenges women young and old face when dealing with the unpleasant time of the monthlies.

In the video, the young girl recounts getting her “red badge of courage” and becomes the sage among fellow campers — a role we probably all remember one girl in our class or cabin taking on during puberty.

The tween relishes her position of power as Camp Gyno, until a new upstart in the way of menses care packages unseats her — enter HelloFlo.

The clever clip introduces the service and its perks, but I and a few other viewers seemed to be confused by the positioning. While young girls are used in the clip and the target market seems to in part been tweens and teens, all the options are tampon-centric with pads as a backup only.

Of course, it’s a neat idea and a nice thought, and lots of women would like to never be surprised wearing white pants on a fabric chair again. But do many young girls have the ability to use a tampon? I seem to recall that not being an option for myself or friends until we reached… other forms of maturity.

Either way, if the idea of having monthly tampon shopping become a thing of the past appeals to you, or you haven’t yet seen the above Camp Gyno clip, head on over to HelloFlo to check out the new service.

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