Car Crashes Into Daycare In KC, ‘Close Call’ Injures Kids

A car crashed into a daycare in Kansas City, and the “close call” injured three kids inside the facility.

The car crashed into the daycare yesterday afternoon on Kansas City’s east side, at around one PM.

An unfortunate chain of events led to the “close call,” stemming from a parked Cadillac that was struck by a Range Rover. Police say when the 79-year-old SUV driver hit the Cadillac Seville, the other vehicle plowed into Christian Academy Daycare Center on East 27th Street — right into the toddler classroom.

On the midsummer afternoon, the car crashed into a daycare already more populated than usual with school kids that are off for the summer — Daniel Maranney, 7, told reporters:

“They hit the 2-year-old room… My heart just started beating faster.”

Mamie, Daniel’s mom, said she received a frightening call from her son after the car crashed into the daycare — and briefly caught fire:

“You have to come, a car ran into the day care.”

Kansas City FD Battalion Chief James Garrett confirmed three kids were taken to the hospital, with two released and one kept for observation after the crash. The driver of the SUV was also hospitalized.

Garrett explained:

“One child was pulled out by bystanders including an off-duty police department member. The other child was taken out by firefighters with air bags and jaws of life. There was an off duty police department employee that so happened to be behind one of the vehicles when it happened and he helped clear the debris and pull one of those kids out.”

Shayla Davis’ son Zyaire was one of the parents who learned their child was injured in the daycare car crash. She explains:

“I instantly got up and drove to the day care to make sure my kids was okay… I saw my kid’s name on a piece of paper. I just started panicking and they told me he’s in the hospital and the car was on top of him, but he’s okay… He said when he looked up there was a big car on top of him and all he could see was the wheels.”

The child kept for observation after the car crashed into the daycare suffered a fractured hip in the scary incident.

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