Amazon Jobs An Obama Economy Promotion? Amazon Hires 7,000 For Presidential Visit

Amazon jobs are being created the day before President Obama visited Amazon.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, President Obama’s economic plans desire job growth to pick up quickly.

But it’s expect that four out of five US adults will face poverty at some point. The recent fast food workers strike demanded their pay be more than doubled just so they can pay their bills.

President Obama visited an Amazon warehouse in Tennessee recently. The Amazon jobs announced Monday will feature 7,000 positions in 13 states. 5,000 of these Amazon jobs will be at distribution, with the remainder in customer service, including full-time, part-time and seasonal. These Amazon jobs are expected to pay an average of $11 per hour.

But some point out that news of Amazon jobs shouldn’t be touted by President Obama. Amazon jobs supposedly take away potential jobs from brick-and-mortar stores, where it takes 47 people to generate the same amount of money as 14 Amazon jobs. Amazon jobs are also alleged to be awful, with conditions at Amazon locations supposedly horrible.

Amazon jobs also supposedly take away money from local economies since Amazon is entirely internet based. Amazon jobs also mean reduced Federal tax revenue since internet sales taxes are mostly non-existent (yet). Amazon jobs have also been created with many state and local grants worth millions.

All in all, critics are saying Amazon jobs are not the jobs President Obama should be seeking. Experts recommend promoting small business growth.

Do you think Amazon jobs are good for the US economy?

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