Justin Bieber’s New Adidas NEO Ads Make Us Wish He’d Always Dress Like This

Justin Bieber’s perfect fit with adidas NEO Label continues as a fresh bunch of new ads arrive for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2013 campaign.

The 19-year-old may be just one of brand’s global style icons, but he’s never looked better.

Bieber posted a heads-up about the upcoming launch on Twitter some time after he came offstage from the first of two shows at Newark, N.J’s Prudential Center on Tuesday.

Simply tweeting: “Hello…” along with a link to one of 16 ads from adidas NEO Label’s Fall/Winter 2013 campaign.

Leaving behind the neon, casual tanks, T-shirts, denims and long shorts of the Summer collection, the Fall push gives the “Heartbreaker” star another chance to show what he can do in front of a camera.

Mercifully prized out of the over-sized sweats and leather get-ups he seems so partial to, the ads are the next best thing to having the old Biebs back.

With his pompadour more messed up than usual, in the ads the singer unleashes a full skill-set of pouts, come hither smiles, moody broody and — of course — a “Blue Steel” or two thrown in for good measure.

Justin Bieber Adidas NEO 2013 Fall Promo Shoot

The swaggy teen exudes star power in dark, vintage-y denims, sneakers, black and white T-shirts, woolen beanies, blue denim shirts, and a black leather jacket and is styled in various rock boy poses.

Props include old favorites like drumsticks, lots of multi-colored high-top sneakers, two huge amps, a guitar, a book, and retro, primary colored leather seats in the background.

It’s been a dramatic few months for Justin.

To be a fly on the wall at adidas after nearly five months of controversies, the most recent of which include a viral video of the singer p*****g into a mop bucket and swearing at a photograph of Bill Clinton, another tour bus drug bust, and enough looming lawsuits to keep his attorneys’ kids in perpetual Space Camp.

But, oddly enough, when it comes to adidas and other brands who pitch for edgy appeal, Bieber’s recent escapades are probably great for balance sheets.

His legion of Beliebers have probably already iconized their favorite ad shots and put the rest into scaling order. I’ll spare you that and make an exit so you too can ooh and ahh at the pretty one.

Why oh why can’t Bieber dress in adidas NEO all the time?

Justin Bieber Features in Adidas NEO 2013 Fall Campaign Picture 1
Justin Bieber Adidas NEO 2013 Fall Campaign Launches
Justin Bieber Stars In Adidas NEO 2013 Fall Campaign
Justin Bieber Adidas NEO 2013 Fall Campaign Arrives
Justin Bieber Adidas NEO 2013 Fall Campaign Arrives
Justin Bieber Adidas NEO 2013 Fall Campaign Rocks Up

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