Texas Will Execute ‘Road Rage Killer’ On Wednesday

Texas will execute a man known as the “road rage killer” on Wednesday after 6 pm local time. Douglas Feldman, 55, was convicted of capital murder in 1999 after killing two truck drivers in a fit of road rage.

Court documents show Feldman was driven to road rage when a semi truck pulled in front of his motorcycle on the highway, missing him by mere inches.

Feldman was on a highway in Plano, Texas, when a semi truck driven by Robert Everett cut him off on August 24, 1998. Feldman fired several shots into the back of the semi’s tractor trailer, reports Reuters.

After he reloaded, pulled up next to the truck cab, and fired into the driver’s side window, killing Everett. He checked to make sure the driver was dead, then continued home. However, 11 miles down the freeway he encountered Nick Velasquez, who was fueling up at a gas station.

Feldman pulled into the gas station and killed Velasquez with two gunshots to his back. One week later, the road rage killer shot Antonio Vega three times while he stood outside a fast-food restaurant. Vega survived the attack and a witness reported Feldman’s license plate to police.

Since his conviction in 1999, Feldman has racked up 136 disciplinary cases in prison, notes The San Francisco Chronicle. His attorney has made several appeals on Douglas Feldman’s behalf, all of which were denied. A clemency petition with the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles was rejected on Monday.

Jason January, the former Dallas County district attorney who prosecuted Feldman in 1999, commented, “He’s a memorable character, a dangerous person in any setting. He threatened to kill me personally.” Feldman also wrote in a letter to a former girlfriend while awaiting trial:

“I have come to hate every single person on this planet with all my heart and soul. If I had a button which would kill every single person on this planet, I would push it with no hesitation whatsoever!”

Barring any delays, road rage killer Douglas Feldman will be the 11th death row inmate executed in Texas this year and the third this month alone.

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