Is the Tuna done in Miami?

First it was a change from Vice President of Football Operations to a consultant, now Bill Parcells has cleared out his office at the Miami Dolphins and may be looking to exercise his option to leave the team and still get his full paycheck. This of course is more fallout from the sale of that team and a clause in Parcells’ contract that allowed him to leave if he did not feel like working for the new ownership. Now that he has cleared out his office he will likely use the Dolphins paycheck to leverage another team to pay him to come in and run their team.

Officially this move is being called a leave of absence, and Parcells has though about coming back to run the 2011 draft for the fish, but we all know this is a guy who would like to be at the helm of a NFL organization and if someone offers that to him we know he will jump at it. The only real question is what team would be willing to give the Tuna a chance?

I think the San Francisco 49ers could be a possibility, maybe even the Oakland Raiders if Al Davis is at a point where he would be willing to give up control of his organization. I could say that same thing for the situation in Dallas. Given the situation in Green Bay and the growing dissatisfaction with Ted Thompson maybe the Packers is where Parcells goes next.

In the end some team out there is sure to want and need Parcells services. Wouldn’t it be great if he came to Buffalo and rebuilt the Bills? That would be truly awesome, but we are going to have to wait and see on this one.

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