Guardian Concept Vehicle Seats Seven And Doesn’t Require A Driver

With Google recently reporting that their Street View vehicles can drive themselves with over 140,000 hours of perfect driving, it was only a matter of time before various other concept vehicles started appearing with promises of changing the way our roads are driven. The Guardian Concept vehicle is one such self-driving option and it seats a decent number of people, 7 to be exact.

Designed by John Bukasa, the vehicle is fully automated and offers nearly 360 degree views. The vehicle is nearly the size of a minivan and offers an open space design so you don’t have to stare at the back of everyone’s head, which I might prefer in some cases.

One nice option with the open floor space? There’s a touchscreen based display that allows everyone in the vehicle to enjoy movies or play video games.

The vehicle would be powered by four electric motors found in the wheel hubs and all four tires could be turned independently of one another.

Here are some more images of the concept vehicle:

What do you think about the overall design? Again I don’t know if I want to face people the entire time, but I like the entertainment hub and the ability to NOT drive on my next long road trip…although looking out the window at new places might be a little cumbersome given how each seat is arranged.

[via Yanko Design]