Art Bell Returns To Late Night Radio

Art Bell is returning to late night radio with Sirius XM. The renowned talk show host is best known as host of Coast to Coast AM. The King of Late-Night Radio intrigued late night audiences with tales of the supernatural for nearly 10 years.

After several retirement announcements, Bell formally retired in 2002, citing family issues. He occasionally returned to Coast to Coast as a guest host. However, in 2010 he left the show for good.

As reported by the Associated Press, Bell was contacted by Sirius through social media. He explains that he missed working in radio, and was excited to discuss a new show. Bell expects to reach a broader audience with his new program as “there’s probably more interest in the genre now.”

Officials with Sirius explain that Art Bell’s Dark Matter is expected to be “uncensored, unrestricted, uncluttered and utterly unique.” Like Coast to Coast, Bell’s new show will focus on supernatural topics.

Special guests will be invited to speak about specific topics, and listeners will have the chance to call in with comments and questions.

Bell was replaced on Coast to Coast by George Noory following his retirement. A rivalry is expected to develop between the competing shows. Both shows cover the same subject matter, and air at around the same time.

Art Bell has publicly criticized Noory as “not edgy enough.”

As reported by Courier Journal, Michael Harrison of Talker magazine calls Bell an “old master” of talk radio. He further states that Bell is “the real deal.”

Bell says the offer was simply too good to turn down. He explains that the use of new technology, combined with the freedom of an uncensored program “is priceless.”

Art Bell Radio

Art Bell’s Dark Matter will premier on September 16 at 10 pm. The show will run Monday through Friday from 10 pm to 1 am ET.

Art Bell’s fans will be delighted about his decision to return to radio. At the time of his retirement, Bell’s show was broadcast on nearly 500 different stations across the nation.

[Image via Wikimedia and Flickr]