Spike Lee Addresses Kickstarter Campaign Criticism

Spike Lee recently addressed the backlash his Kickstarter campaign has received.

Many people feel that the Malcolm X director is too rich and famous to utilize the crowdfunding site. However, the filmmaker feels these criticisms are misguided. In his opinion, he’s introducing the service to people who’ve never heard of it.

Spike Lee explained during a recent interview:

I’m bringing people to Kickstarter who never even heard of Kickstarter. I’m talking [about] a lot of people of color who’ve never heard of Kickstarter, who’ve never made a pledge on Kickstarter. I really think it’s a fallacy, it’s a misconception, and it’s just plain-out wrong that because someone puts $5 in my film, that was $5 that a young filmmaker was going to get.

The director’s next movie will be completely funded through Kickstarter. The flick will follow the adventures of several people who are addicted to blood. Although he said the movie will be funny, gory, and sexy, he insists he isn’t remaking the 1972 cult favorite Blacula.

“I have a different vision of what cinema can be, a different vision of what some under-served audiences might want to see. That is why I am here on Kickstarter, to raise the funds for The New Spike Lee Joint, to get this bad boy financed,” Spike Lee said of his next project.

He added, “Do you wish to see human beings dealing with each other on a human level? How many more explosions with ear-splitting sound effects can you take?”

Although Spike Lee might be getting raked across the coals by those who feel crowdfunding should be left to up-and-coming filmmakers, he’s already received the support of fellow filmmaker Steven Soderbergh. The Magic Mike director reportedly donated $10,000 to Lee’s next endeavor.

How do you feel about Spike Lee financing his upcoming project through Kickstarter? Do you think the filmmaker is too rich to use crowdfunding?

[Image via Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]