Legless Man Accused Of Driving Getaway Car In Robbery

A disabled man has been accused of assisting a group of Brooklyn robbers by driving their getaway vehicle, even though his legs have been amputated below his knee.

Charles Marcus was wheeled into Brooklyn Criminal Court last week, a day after he allegedly robbed an individual in Park Slope.

Ken Vargas was accosted at gunpoint on Second Street and Seventh Avenue at 1 a.m. on Friday morning, according to police, by Darnell Cade and Raheem Roberts, who are 35 and 21 years-old respectively, whilst Mr Marcus waited in a van that was hand-controlled.

Cade pulled out a gun and then pinned up Mr Vargas to the wall, whilst Roberts then went through his pockets. Cade has now accused Marcus of orchestrating the entire ordeal though.

Cade told police officers, “Marcus is a terrorist. He is the mastermind, and I just do the work.” However, Marcus has since disagreed with this statement.

Marcus told the New York Post, whilst exiting Brooklyn Criminal Court, “It’s bogus. I didn’t do it. I got a call from Raheem Roberts telling me to come get him. I go over there to pick them up, and the police pulled [us] over.”

Marcus was surprised when he was pulled over by police, stating, “When they got behind me, I pulled right over. I didn’t do nothing [wrong]. I was legit. Why would I do crimes in my truck, knowing I’m going to get in trouble?”

He then added, “I know Raheem. He’s like a nephew to me, an individual I grew up with, that’s his son. When [Roberts] first came to New York, he stayed with me for a little while… I don’t know no other dude.”

Roberts and Cade have been charged with criminal possession of a weapon and robbery. The pair are currently being held on bail, whilst Marcus has been released on his own recognizance, after he was only charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

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